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Deacon for the month of May is Phil Harding

Communion Sunday will be May 1st.

The next meeting of the Diaconate is May 15th. 

June 12, 2016 Baptism of  M. Milner Great-Grand-daughter of Al Orne.


We are in need of people to hang clothing and also we are in need of cashiers.  If you are interested please contact Mary Ingalls 508-885-3884 or the church office.



As part of our focus on church growth, we encourage everyone to visit where you will find information, ideas and opportunities we may use to help grow our church.  There are Upcoming Events that may be of interest to individuals, groups or committees of the church and the M&M Committee will sponsor all or part of the cost for you to attend.

You will also find local church stories in Local Buzz such as the First Church in Ludlow where a group is crocheting plastic bags into sleeping mats that are given out to the homeless with a spiritual message attached as part of their Social Justice Ministry.  This recycles plastic which helps God’s great Earth and helps our fellow man. Also, on the site, are articles about national UCC news, policy and events.

Our church pays dues to the UCC on every member of our church and we support the Wider Mission of the UCC through our church pledge and special offerings. We encourage you to use this excellent resource.



This month we are going to the home of Ken Landine, 42 Lake Rd., Brookfield, MA on Monday, May 2nd at 6:30 PM. All are welcome.


Community Birthday Calendar listings – We will begin collecting the listings on May 8th and the dead- line for listings will be June 1, 2016.  We hope to have your support once more.  This is our main fundraiser.  The price of the calendar is $4.00 per calendar.  The cost of each listing remains the same 30 each.   Please complete the order form below and return it no later than June 1st.



Philip Harding, President

-------------------------------------------------------cut here and return-------------------------------------------------------------

Name: ___________________________________________          Phone #: __________________________


THE COMMUNITY CALENDAR – We hope everyone will be interested in this project and will fill out and mail or bring to church the information form below and the money by June 1, 2016.




EXAMPLE:  A family of 4 (mother, father, and 2 children) will pay .30 cents for each birth date and anniversary date plus $4.00 for the printed calendar.  Thus, this family will owe $5.50 for a year of reminders (which includes club, meeting dates and special holidays).


This year we are accepting MEMORIAL DATES.  Just put ‘mem’ beside any Memorial name.


NAMES ____________________________________ BIRTHDAYS _______________________________.30

            _____________________________________                                 ______________________________ .30

            _____________________________________                                 ______________________________ .30

            _____________________________________                                 ______________________________ .30

            _____________________________________                                 ______________________________ .30

            _____________________________________                                 ______________________________ .30


ANNIVERSARY ________________________________________________________________________ .30


_____ YES , WE WANT (    ) calendars at $4.00.                          PAID   ________________________




Philip Harding, President





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