Pastoral Search Committee

Consists of 7 members, one whom shall be chairperson and one shall be clerk of the committee.



Upon the resignation or dismissal of a Pastor, this committee shall be nominated and elected in the usual manner, at a meeting called specifically for that purpose.



1. To confer with officers and committees of the Church in establishing qualifications of conidates; explore the financial apportionment available with the Administration Committee; solicit aid from the Massachusetts Conference; explore any other available sources for canidates; visit churches where prospective canidates may be observed; recommend their proper selection for presentaion in our pulpit, at a special service to be conducted for the purpose f the election of Pastor.

2. To arrange for inspection of Church and parsonage with canidates and upon his/her election to make arrangements for his/her reception, after which, this committee shall be automatically discharged!

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