Pastoral Relations

Haed Person: Marilyn Olsen

What is Pastoral Relations?

The Pastoral Relations Committee supports and maintains an open relationship between the pastor and the members of the congregation.  It helps the pastor and members of the church to share ideas, hopes, dreams, and interpretations of mission.  It lets the pastor know what people in the church are thinking.


The Pastoral Relations Committee is available to listen in a confidential and trustworthy manner to anyone with a concern.  Please feel free to contact the church who then can get in contact with Marilyn Olsen, Mark Lammi, and/or Kim Desrosiers

You can know also email Pastoral Relations and ONLY the committee members have access to this.  You want to keep confidential and want to know the progress of situation please feel free to email us at


Thank You!


1. Shall meet quarterly, more if needed.

2. Maintain an open relationship between the Minister and members of the Church.

3. Be the liaison between the Minister and the members and the staff if any conflict arises.

4. Coordinate with the Diaconate on Ministers annual review.

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