Music Committee

Head of Music is Greg Martiros

See calendar for rehersal dates!

The primary job of the three member Music committee is to provide and supervise all music for the public services of the church.  This is not as difficult as it may sound because our professional music staff handles the selection of appropriate music played or sung for worship and coordinates hymns and any special worship services with the Pastor.

The committee also hires the music staff when necessary, participates in the annual review of staff members and prepares the annual budget for the budget meeting each year in the Fall.  Any changes in salary for music staff is recommended to the Administration Committee at budget time.  Substitue and summer organists or other musicians hired for summer worship services are aranged by the Music Committee and coordinated with the church music staff.

The committee oversees repair and maintenance of the church instruments which include, an Allen pipe-combination organ, a Yamaha grand piano, a keyboard and two sets of hand chimes.  They may also choose to plan concerts or other music related special events or fundraisers.


Shall consist of three members, one to be elected at each Annual Meeting of the Church and shall serve three years.



1. To provide and supervise all music for public services of the Church.

2. To arrange all employment details concerned with all paid musical staff; all written contractual details beyond 90 days to be approved by vote of the Church.

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