Deacons have 2 people as Chairpersons so it will be co-chairs and that is Phil Harding and Judy Chicoine. Please feel free to reach out to either one of them for more information!

This committee meets the 2nd Sunday of each month following worship service.

1st Sunday of month is Communion Sunday where 4 of the deacons usher and serve.

Deaon of the Month: Greets people an puts out candles..they also set up for communion.

We supposrt the Pastor on ALL things taken place in our Sanctuary such as: Baptisms, Memorial Services, Welcoming new Members, Maundy Thursday, Easter Services, and many other special services.

We do parish calls to our shut-ins and sick. 

It's a rather busy committee that needs all co-aperation with all on the committee.


Diaconate: 6 Deacons and 6 deaconess is composing the Diaconate! Term of office is 3 years. 


1. To give guidance and directions to the Pastor, and to gaurd faithfully the worship and all spiritual interests of the congregation.

2. To assist the Pastor in making Parish calls, visit the sick and minister to the needs and comforts of all.

3.  To examine canidates for admission to the church.

Additional Duties

1. Assist in the administration, preparation, serving, and supply of the Lord's Supper.

2. To provide for the conduct of the devotional services in the absence of the Pastor.

3. To assist the Pastor in spiritual affairs of the Church.

4. To have general oversight, in cooperation with the Pastor, of the Worship of the Church.

5. To maintain order in thr House of God and maintasin with the Pastor, and Clerk, the list of active members.

6. To consider and act upon special matters requiring consideration beyond the scope of duties of other officers and committees, and to recommend action by other committees or by the church.

7. To retain a Legal Council for the Church and be responsible for calls and services.

8. To invite stragers to the Church, promote acquaintance among the members, and to strengthen the bonds of fellowship.

9. To encourage faithfulness in Church attendance and support.

10. To supervise matters of discipline and hearings for dissolution of membership.

11. To coordinate with the Pastoral Relations committee on Minister's Annual Review.

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