Church and Education

Lisa Brown is the Superintendent feel free to contact her if more information is needed!

Church and Ed meet on the third Sunday of each month following worship service.  Our next meeting will be October 20, 2019 after church service!


The nursery stays open year round for those of you that would like to enjoy the service!  We are all CORI'd by the pastor prior to being a "teacher"!

Fire Drill Policy:

In case of fire, we will exit the building with the door near the nursery or the nearest available safe exit.  We will proceed left up North Street to the first walk way of the Cemetery.  We will follow the path toward the back of the church and the senior living center.  We will proceed down the stairs to the senior living center's parking lot.  The parents of any children may meet us and the children in the parking lot.

If there is snow on the ground and that way is not available for use, we will take a right on North Street. We will cross Main St. using crosswalk and proceed to the Red Daycare Building. Parents amy meet us over there.

We will have two practice fire drills during the year.  The first one will be on the first day of Sunday School and the second will be announced at a later date.


Church School Cancellation Policy:

If Church school wil be cancelled due to inclement weather, the Church School Superintendent will notify the Pastor.  The Church School Superintendent will notify WCVB and of the cancellation.  If Church school is cacelled, the children are always welcome to attend the srvice with you. At any time, you may use your own discretion to have the children attend Church School in inclement Weather.


If Church School is cancelled for any other reason, the Church School Superintendent or teacher will call and notify each parent of the cancellation.  If there will still be a church service, the children are always welcome to attend with you.  If there will be no church service, the parents will be advised during the call!



1. To act as advisory council to the Church School Superintendent,

2. To oversee the religious education and advancement of each child in the parish.

3. To have general supervision of the Vacation Bible School.

4. To have general supervision of the Pilgrim Fellowship.

5. With the Minister and Diaconate to plan Adult Christian Education Programs.

6. To recommend to the Administration Committee property improvements, and/or to the Diaconate spiritual ministries that would contribute to religious education.

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