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Chair Person: Patricia Stark

This group meets as needed; there is no specific meeting date and time.


Purpose: To advance the interest of the Church in the work and support of the World of Missions, to stimulate the Church to an awareness of its responsibility in bringing Christian influence to bear on economic, political, and social issues.


1. To challenge the Church to pray, work, give, and share in the missionary efforts of the Christian Church.

2. To have charge of the annual contributions for World Mission and to direct its disbursement by the Treasurer.

3. To oversee special mission offerings, clothing appeals, refugee families, hospitality to foreign students, visiting, and working in mission areas, both home and abroad.

4. To oversee educating young people to the need of missions and challenging them to give of their own lives.

5. The committee shall undertake to alert and inform itself of economic, political, and social issues on the local, national, and international levels that may be properly understood to be within the scope of the interests of the Church.

6. The committee shall undertake, insofar as it is able, to inform the Church through lectures, meetings, or publications of economic, political, and social issues that may properly be considered to be within the scope of the interests of the Church.

7. The committee shall diligently and sincerely present these issues to the Church in a factual and unbiased matter.

8. The committee shall not, individually or severally, identify the Church with any group, movement, party, or organization whatsoever, without first having obtained the vote of the Church.

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